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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Understanding Negative SEO Attacks and How to Defend Your Website

Negative SEO Attacks

There are many forms of negative SEO attacks. Negative SEO generally refers to when one site purchase links and directs them at their opponent’s website to destroy their ranking. Other forms of negative SEO include tactics such as hacking a website to exact some malicious damage, review bombing or just reporting “black hat” tactics of another site to Google.

Negative SEO Tactics

The following are some detailed information on tactics considered successful negative SEO campaign. 
Paid Linking
There is a high chance that your site will rank high on Google if many links are directed to your site. You should work with Google to ensure that your site complies with their rules and regulations in the best way possible. You should also submit a reconsideration request with all details on links that you have no control over.

Stealing content before it is indexed
This refers to an attempt to copy the content of another site making it seem like the original site is duplicating it. To prevent this tactic, maintain an updated sitemap and resubmit consistently whenever a flesh content is published. Utilization of specific rel=canonical tag on pages also helps in the establishment of your site as the authority whenever a third party attempts to scrape your content. The best way to identify whether your content is being scraped or duplicated is by carrying out a Google search with a sentence form your webpage in quotes.

Fake Reviews
A competitor can add fake reviews to business listings making it seem like your business is behind it. If this succeeds, the reviews will be removed from Google Place listing of the victim. To prevent this, always make sure that you monitor all reviews closely and use the “report a problem” link at the bottom of your business listing to alert Google about it. You can also hire affordable SEO service providers to manage these fake reviews. 

Site speed
Excessive site crawling can cause issues with latency for an ordinary user browsing a site. It’s entirely possible to prevent harmful and malicious crawlers from accessing your site. However, this needs to be done carefully to avoid any chances of blocking navigation by Google, Bing, or users. If you are using IP detection as a way of identifying and blocking bad crawlers, it is highly essential to know the IP addresses of Google and Bing.

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The Best Defense Against Negative SEO Attack
There is no absolute list of negative SEO tactics. A negative SEO campaign will help in recognition of all weaknesses of your site as well as exploit them.

The best defense against negative SEO attacks is having a website with a strong SEO focused foundation in conjunction with consistent evaluation of critical ranking metrics for foul play. Besides, a transparent relationship with Google can tremendously help you to maintain long-standing rankings. Affordable SEO service will take care all negative SEO attack on your website and improve online reputation also.

Google launched a huge can of worms with the Penguin algorithm update in conjunction with the latest Google Webmaster Tools message warning websites of the paid links. It will be pretty tough for them to differentiate whether a site has a critical issue of any opponent introducing negative SEO or if the owner of the website is guilty of playing beyond the set rules and regulation in the pretense of being someone else.

It would be fascinating if Google has no idea of the severe effects of such a move. They must have started identifying link manipulation pattern, and prepare for the ensuing onslaught of controversy. 

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