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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

 Online Backlink Checker Tools

Creating links is important? Any idea what most search engine seeing?

Quality Backlinks play a major role to get a site ranked on using top keywords. Backlinks are the heart of SEO. A website is considered to be relevant only when it has more inbound links and backlinks that redirects to their website from other sources. Plenty of reasons to get site rank up or down one of the main reason is to get your website ranking up is the backlinks. 

Why you need backlink checker tools :  
When a website has clickable links that redirect to your website is called backlinks. Backlinks create a trust of your website as more the backlinks the ranking would be better. Quality of backlinks matters not the quantity as high-quality backlinks coming from Authority websites have some importance to your content. As backlinks that are redirecting to your website should be real.

Basically, Backlinks are of two types: Dofollow Backlinks & No-follow Backlinks.
When the work is to create backlinks, we use creating dofollow links. Using BACKLINK CHECKER TOOL we can know how many backlinks have been created of our site. Backlink helps especially in increase the domain authority as well as Moz Rank of a site.
There are multiple tools used for Backlink Checker but the best backlink checkers available for you with more accurate results than others.

# Ahrefs - Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic  

Ahrefs is considered to be the best SEO tool that I find to mention here at the top. It is a backlink checker tool as well as all in one tool for bloggers and site owners. Users can check backlinks based on Dofollow, Nofollow, Gov, Edu, Sitewide, Redirect and other platforms.
It also shows damaged backlinks even newly acquired backlinks too.
This tool provides detailed of all backlinks of your site with an increase and decreases order.
Due to Penguin update, this tool might be very helpful for your site, with detailed breakdown percentage and anchor text to your site. It is a paid tool but you can register it for free Ahrefs account.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

# SEMrush - Online Visibility Management Platform  

SEMrush is a perfect tool for analyzing your competitor's page and keyword research. Its a complete tool used to access anchors, domains, IPs, and backlinks. SEMRUS is not a free tool, but to be useful, it cost you to purchase at $199.

SEMRUSH database updated daily that allows the user to check accurate backlinks result. Some of the results mention downwards. Expanding the SEMRUSH main page results.

SEMrush Online Visibility Management Platform

SEMrush allows the user to check backlinks of there website or compare other websites too.
Backlinks comparison tool is available to compare our domain's backlinks with others. An example has been shown downwards comparing sites.
SEMrush Backlink Checker Tool
SEMrush is a tool to be used for Backlink Checker.

# LinkMiner - Backlink checker with  trillions backlinks in the database  

LinkMiner Backlink Checker Tool
Want to try a tool with more than 8+ trillion of backlinks with sleek UX, here it is LinkMiner. It lets you find the most powerful backlinks of your competitors.

# Some of the features of LinkMiner :

# Analyze 50+ backlinks free every day.
# Link strength has been provided by LinkMiner.
# Backlinks can be marked by favorite.
# Advance filter to see links.
# Embedded site preview with exact anchor location.

Majestic historic and fresh index are merged in LinkMiner.

# BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Keys  

BuzzSumo Backlink Checker Tool
Buzzsumo helps you to find the most shared content on the given keyword/topic or from the domain. It is one of the best tools for content marketing. It has a free version as well as a pro version with added feature allow to check backlinks of any page. Links can be export into .csv or excel format.

# Moz Link Explorer (35 Trillion Links)  

Moz Link Explorer
Moz Link Explorer is a popular tool. It allows the user to compare backlinks between two or more domains. Paid account of SEOMOZ will let the user see its unique features to start checking backlinks of your competitor's site. 


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