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Friday, 23 August 2019

Best Android Spy App for Parents

August 23, 2019 2

The One SPY

Looking for the best android spy app? We have got the one for you. The technologists have designed a high-tech android monitoring app to keep track of android mobile phones and tablets. This app is particularly intended for families enabling the non-tech savvy parents to ensure protection of their children in the real and digital world. Using the monitoring app, you can supervise the mobile phone activities of your offspring and protect them from cyberbullying, online child predation, sexting and more online crimes. Read on to know which spy app lets you monitor and control android mobile phones of your children in the best way.

Best Android Spy App for Child Monitoring – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is one of the most popular cell phone tracking apps enabling users to sneak into the mobile phone device of someone else. Once you install the spy app on the smartphone of your kid, you can remotely witness activities performed on that phone. The app comes with an online control panel through which the phone can be controlled. The surveillance software generates online backup of mobile phone data by uploading to the online portal of TheOneSpy. This data includes messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, emails, internet browsing history and more. Parents can review the entire data by logging into the online control panel through any mobile phone and computer device.

Features of Best Android Spy App

The android spy app offers hundreds of features enabling users to monitor and control smartphones used by children. We have rounded up here important features of the android spy app to highlight its usefulness.

Track Social Media Apps & Messengers

Parents can supervise the social media activities of their children by tracking social media apps. The spy app lets you track Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Telegram, Tumblr, Hike and Hangout. The app syncs chats, call logs, media files, posts and friend-lists to enable parents to review the social media activities of teens via online portal.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location of kids can be tracked with the android surveillance app. By logging into the online control panel, you can see the current location of your kids and get detail of earlier tours.

Sneak Into Gallery

Parents can see photos and videos stored in the phone gallery of kids’ smartphones. The spy app for android creates backup of media files stored on the hard of the monitored phone by uploading them to the web portal. It enables parents to retrieve deleted media anytime via online control panel.

Track Browsing History

Supervising the internet use of children is crucial to prevent them from exposing to age-inappropriate stuff. The spy app syncs the internet browsing history of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to provide detail of websites visited by kids on the targeted devices.


The spy software for android acts as keylogger and records all keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard. It provides the end-user with passwords, usernames and email addresses entered on the targeted device.  

Manage Contact List

You can sneak into the Phonebook of monitored android phone and can delete or add contacts via online control panel of TheOneSpy.  

Monitor Calls & Call Logs

The spy software automatically records incoming and outgoing phone calls to enable parents to listen to the phone calls of kid. The app also syncs call logs to provide contact detail of callers and recipients.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the mobile phone screen of your kid can be captured with the help of screen recording feature. The spy app records screen or takes screenshots to let parents know what their kids are doing on android smartphones.

Compatibility & Pricing

Before you download the android spy app, make sure your device is compatible with the app. The android tracker app is compatible with LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Haier, HTC, Huawei and all mobile phone brands running Android OS 5 to 9.1. Moreover, your android device needs to be rooted to take advantage of all high-tech features of TheOneSpy.
The android tracker app varies in price based on subscription period and package plans. The basic version of the spy app can be subscribed in $30 for a month. The premium version can be subscribed in $45 a month. You can check out the latest price and feature detail of android monitoring app here

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

July 01, 2019 2

Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

Guest blogging is an approach to build your website traffic by spreading it out all through the web. Guest blogger offer their articles to different sites with an objective of creating inbound links for their own blog. While this additionally creates backlinks, as we would see the primary objective is to produce notoriety for their site in the picked specialty.

At whatever point when you start a new website there is a probability that someone might approach to you for a guest post. This by itself may feature the significance of guest posts on you. In layman's terms "Guest Posts" are articles that you compose for another person's site. Guest posting additionally manufactures relations inside the network and gives you much important presentation in case you're just beginning.

Guest blogging gives you access to another person's gathering of people in a flash. An adequate article can twofold your group of onlookers effectively. While guest posting, you have to keep the principles of the site proprietor.

When you submit a guest post, it needs to meet the states of the site proprietor (and the benchmark for quality is commonly high). It’s also an interesting fact that most bloggers are keen on guest blogging as it is a success win circumstance. Guest blogging encourages you to produce amazing Backlinks. 

As guest post is quite simple on do, it is abused by many and also turns out as a negative impact. According to some SEO experts, guest posting has now transformed into spamming because of its negatives exceeding the positives. But you could use its positives, unless you use it in a non-spammy way and also, it is a great weapon to help you gain quality organic traffic and notoriety. 

Rules To Be Followed While Guest Posting
·  Focus on writing high quality content as if you're publishing it on your own website.

· Socially promoting your guest post is a must. (Try not to leave the article advancement on the site proprietor)

· Try to respond and moderate every comment if possible.

· It would be wise to choose those topics which you have mastered. Thus, allowing you to write a unique and high-quality content.

Guest Blogging Is a Difficult Task
At first, websites will not be flexible with your proposal of writing a guest post for them. Guest posting isn't that simple in case you're focusing on the correct crowd. If you're new to the business, then try to avoid the giants and hunt for small websites. They will effortlessly acknowledge guest posts. Many top sites only allow those contents which qualify their guest post terms, so, don't lose your hope if you got rejected the first time.

Don’t forget to mention these points while you submit a guest post
1.     Your Name
2.     Website Link
3.     Email Address
4.     Social Media Account/Page Links

Numerous locales use guest blogging exclusively for making backlinks and conveys poor substance. Search engines are always on a roll for finding those guest posts that do not satisfy it users with the quality of the content and end up getting penalized. Remember that "content is king" so, always focus on creating a quality content.

Tools For Finding Guest Posting Sites In Your Niche
1. Twitter
Twitter could be of great use when you are hunting for the opportunities of writing a guest post. The results that you get are mostly the recent ones and the odds of succeeding and getting acknowledged is likewise higher. On that note do tails us on Twitter 

A simple twitter search will do the job for you. Just enter your topic along with guest post. 
Eg : seo guest post

seo guest post

And the results you get are stunning. You might get 2-3 options for guest posts easily. This is the most simple strategy to discover guest posting destinations in your specialties. This is an exceptionally suggested trap that can facilitate your errand.

2. Google Advanced Search
Google Advanced Search
Google has numerous ways to help out and give you the careful query output. One of them is utilizing Quotation("). You can express "Catchphrase" "write for us". This will enable you to discover sites that acknowledge guest blogging in your specialty.

The amount of combinations you can apply is endless. Some of them which you can use are here

“keyword” “guest author”
“guest post” “keyword”

“keyword” “submit article”
“keyword” “submit guest post”

You can find more of these google search combinations on our Facebook Page.
 3. Ahrefs (Paid Tool)

Ahrefs empowers you to break down your rival. This can be utilized to discover the wellspring of your rivals backlinks. You can sort the Backlinks relying upon their DA (Domain Authority). You can without much of a stretch discover 10-15 sites for visitor posting.

While all these above strategies are generally excellent, in case you're in a rush look at our post on the best Guest Posting destinations.

While Guest Posting has lost its appeal somewhat, it is still broadly utilized and numerous sites rely upon it. We here at BacklinksGuy genuinely esteem your feeling and might want to know your contemplations. Remark beneath in the event that you acknowledge visitor blogging on your site.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

How To Improve Page Load Time For A Website

June 05, 2019 2
Page Load TIme

Every website owner wants to increase their growth rates, increase sales and traffic, but somehow the actual reason is the poor page load speed. It can really harm the sales and traffic as Google and other search engines penalize sites that load slowly and users to stop visiting it. 

Why does site load time matter?

According to research done by Google, a one second delay in page load time impact 12% fewer page views, 7% loss in conversions and 53% of the mobile user leaves a site that takes longer page load.
Internet user expects that a website to load within 2 seconds, longer than that lets the user click away to other websites with better page load results. A study has proven that the user would not return to the experienced website with longer page load speed than four seconds.

Try to look after where you can improve things to speed your slow loading site.

How can I check my page load speed?

Do you know your current page speed and want to improve.
It's quite simple to check your page speed via some free online tools that can help you out.
These tools will able to to tell you about your website speed and suggest options to improve its performance.
There are lots of page speed tool are under a few different names. 

How to speed up your site?

There are several ways to improve your page load speed but the best factors to work on are :

#Shrink Image: 
Some of the best high definition images displayed on your website might be the reason for page load performance.
In that case, you can use a simple tool like, Browserling image converter and the GZIP compression could be the best option which lets you decrease in image size but not the quality of image and graphics. 

#Improve Your JavaScript And (CSS):   
It can be the one reason to slow down page load time, instead of including the same code on every page, move JavaScript or CSS to external file. 
Saving these files mean it will load once and individual pages will load much more quickly.

#Use A Cache: 
Enable your cache so that the pages are in danger of loading slowly so that browser isn't forced to generate every single page. Update your cache regularly and let your website up to date version. 

#Use A Content Delivery Network:  
Use Content Delivery Network to serve your images and pages if you are still struggling with page load time. Copies of your site are stored at geographically diverse data centers for faster and more reliable access to your website. 

#Reduce Redirects: 
When a page redirects to another page, the visitor faces additional time waiting for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete. For example, if your mobile redirect pattern looks like this: " -> -> ->," each of those two additional redirects makes your page load slower.

Branching out into your mobile site:

Over 52% of the world population uses the mobile version to access the web. To gain more traffic it's a good idea to have a mobile version of your site.Mobile version of the website takes to load more slowly than on PC version of the site. Aware of this issue, you need to rejig that code to streamline, to let the page load perform well. 

Test your page load speed on both the mobile version and the web versions of your site. 

To start improving your page load time, work on this basis to fix, then move towards advance methods to improve page load time. Cause every single second can boost your site performance. 
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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

April 10, 2019 5
Keyword research is the core foundation of any SEO.
Best Keyword Research Tools

Many companies invest plenty of dollars to pay for keyword research to get it to the right audience and targeted content. But even that there are many ways to get over it.

Choosing the right keyword isn't always easy some of the tools may help you to know the basic of keyword research and its value.

There are two types of Keyword Research Tool : 

1- Basic Keyword Tool 
2- Competitor Based Keyword Research Tool

Although there are numerous keyword research tools few of the popular keyword researching tools used by worldwide online marketers.

Best Keyword Research Tools: 

1. Google Keyword Planner :   

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most popular keyword research tool with conduct effective and campaigns directly integrated with Google AdWords. To use this tool you do need a Google AdWord account. 

  • Features: It provides deep information about the keyword on the Google search engine.
  • Pricing: Its free of cost.
  • Limitations: It also has limitations that it won't show how site or keyword is working on other search engines.
Google Keyword Planner is good to be used for new SEO website users.

2. SEMRush :  

SEMRush Keyword Explorer Tool

SEMRush is one of the coolest working keyword research tools. It offers other stuff with the keyword research tool. Not just by keywords but just need a URL to see the keywords that are ranking the site.

Long-Tail and Short-Tail are easily been found and targeted to beat your competition.
Features that SEMRush provide : 
  • Adsense CPC
  • Traffic status
  • Search Engine Reports 
  • SEC Campaign

3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool  

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

Ahrefs is the most popular keyword tool among SEO. Ahrefs provide extensive details with keyword difficulty. It also shows the click from the search engine. Provides direct search result from Google search result. Ahrefs uses clickstream data to show clicks. Ahrefs provide an abundance amount of data and UI. List of the keyword can be created to target directly from the dashboard.

4. KW finder:  

KW keyword finder
The only tool which is only based for keyword research is KWFinder. It is one of the fastest growing SEO tool company. A long tail keyword with low SEO difficulty provided by KWFinder. It helps you to get the keyword to drive targeted audience. It lets you easily drive the traffic through its long tail keyword research and helps to get more conversions. KWFinder provides Free and Paid plans as free plan allow to search 5 keywords per day.
KW keyword finder tool

5.  SpyFu  

SypFu is best to search engine optimization software product which helps to analyze the competitions. 
SpyFu keyword research tool

SpyFu lets the user understand the competition's SEO platform. And let know the under-served, emerging markets. SpyFu works on several modules as Domain History Module, Related Keywords Module, Compare Websites Module, Keyword History Module. 

It has such limitations as it does not shows the depth of keywords as other websites shows and provide monthly data not real-time. SpyFu has two basic plans of $79 & $99 per month. Even it also provides an Agency Plan of price $999 per month.

6. Serpstat   
Serpstat is a comprehensive keyword research tool which can help us to identify winning keywords.
Serpstat keyword tool

Some of the features provided by Serpstat Keyword Tool:

  • Keyword difficulty tool 
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Search volume
Serpstat keyword tool overview
Serpstat provides detailed keyword difficulty score that shows 10 webpages with details like external backlinks, page rank, and referring domains. This data would be helpful while to know about to rank with a specific keyword or not. SERPstat keyword research shows from all domains your targeted keywords which PPC advertisements are running. This is the unique features it had from the others. Serpstats includes free registration and even it pricing $19 per month.

As per my recommendations :

For easy and great solutions use SEMrush
For keyword research use Ahrefs
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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

April 09, 2019 7
 Online Backlink Checker Tools

Creating links is important? Any idea what most search engine seeing?

Quality Backlinks play a major role to get a site ranked on using top keywords. Backlinks are the heart of SEO. A website is considered to be relevant only when it has more inbound links and backlinks that redirects to their website from other sources. Plenty of reasons to get site rank up or down one of the main reason is to get your website ranking up is the backlinks. 

Why you need backlink checker tools :  
When a website has clickable links that redirect to your website is called backlinks. Backlinks create a trust of your website as more the backlinks the ranking would be better. Quality of backlinks matters not the quantity as high-quality backlinks coming from Authority websites have some importance to your content. As backlinks that are redirecting to your website should be real.

Basically, Backlinks are of two types: Dofollow Backlinks & No-follow Backlinks.
When the work is to create backlinks, we use creating dofollow links. Using BACKLINK CHECKER TOOL we can know how many backlinks have been created of our site. Backlink helps especially in increase the domain authority as well as Moz Rank of a site.
There are multiple tools used for Backlink Checker but the best backlink checkers available for you with more accurate results than others.

# Ahrefs - Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic  

Ahrefs is considered to be the best SEO tool that I find to mention here at the top. It is a backlink checker tool as well as all in one tool for bloggers and site owners. Users can check backlinks based on Dofollow, Nofollow, Gov, Edu, Sitewide, Redirect and other platforms.
It also shows damaged backlinks even newly acquired backlinks too.
This tool provides detailed of all backlinks of your site with an increase and decreases order.
Due to Penguin update, this tool might be very helpful for your site, with detailed breakdown percentage and anchor text to your site. It is a paid tool but you can register it for free Ahrefs account.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

# SEMrush - Online Visibility Management Platform  

SEMrush is a perfect tool for analyzing your competitor's page and keyword research. Its a complete tool used to access anchors, domains, IPs, and backlinks. SEMRUS is not a free tool, but to be useful, it cost you to purchase at $199.

SEMRUSH database updated daily that allows the user to check accurate backlinks result. Some of the results mention downwards. Expanding the SEMRUSH main page results.

SEMrush Online Visibility Management Platform

SEMrush allows the user to check backlinks of there website or compare other websites too.
Backlinks comparison tool is available to compare our domain's backlinks with others. An example has been shown downwards comparing sites.
SEMrush Backlink Checker Tool
SEMrush is a tool to be used for Backlink Checker.

# LinkMiner - Backlink checker with  trillions backlinks in the database  

LinkMiner Backlink Checker Tool
Want to try a tool with more than 8+ trillion of backlinks with sleek UX, here it is LinkMiner. It lets you find the most powerful backlinks of your competitors.

# Some of the features of LinkMiner :

# Analyze 50+ backlinks free every day.
# Link strength has been provided by LinkMiner.
# Backlinks can be marked by favorite.
# Advance filter to see links.
# Embedded site preview with exact anchor location.

Majestic historic and fresh index are merged in LinkMiner.

# BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Keys  

BuzzSumo Backlink Checker Tool
Buzzsumo helps you to find the most shared content on the given keyword/topic or from the domain. It is one of the best tools for content marketing. It has a free version as well as a pro version with added feature allow to check backlinks of any page. Links can be export into .csv or excel format.

# Moz Link Explorer (35 Trillion Links)  

Moz Link Explorer
Moz Link Explorer is a popular tool. It allows the user to compare backlinks between two or more domains. Paid account of SEOMOZ will let the user see its unique features to start checking backlinks of your competitor's site. 

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