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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

What Is A Search Engine? How A Search Engine Works?

March 27, 2019 1

What Is A Search Engine?

Search engine is a service that lets the user search 
for information on the World Wide Web. Its main function is crawling and building index also shows the relevant search ranked list of the websites. 

The information used by the spiders is used to create a searchable index of web. There are many different search engines available each with their own features and abilities.

How search engine really works?

Search engine works using 3 step processes as lots
of people have no idea what’s behind search box when they type their search queries.

Three functions used by the search engine are : 

  • Web Crawling 
Web Crawling

Search engine work by sending out a spider to fetch as
many as documents as possible. This involves collecting data on each page and scanning sites. Web Crawler visits 
every page, collects every link on that page and same as 

Search engine also pays attention to how often the page is updated and as it has a trustworthy domain. They do this continuously and also keep track of changes made to the website so that when a new page is added or deleted.  
  • Indexing
Indexing of websites

Once a page has been crawled, the data contained in 
the page is indexed. Data are in multiple connections of servers which include the copies of webpages being made by crawlers. The data collected above is used to rank the 

Indexing is important as if your website is not in their index, it will not appear for any searches. The more pages in search engine indexes, the more the chances of appearing in the search result. 

  • Ranking  Algorithms 
Ranking  Algorithms

Different search engine uses different algorithms to show
results. Each of them has their own criteria to pick and

Ranking algorithms check against billions of pages to determine each one’s relevance. It just shows the search 
query of the most relevant pages that match your query.

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